Repair Terms and Conditions

Below are the iQ Repair Terms and Conditions that must be agreed to when a device is booked in for hardware or software service at either of our repair centres (iQ Jersey and iQ Guernsey). The text below is identical to that found on our repair forms.

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Last updated: 21/06/17

Customer Privacy and Data Protection

iQ aims to prevent the distribution of customer data (both contact details and stored data) without consent. Information provided to iQ to facilitate a repair or data transfer will never be distributed without permission. It may be necessary for iQ to run diagnostics, access user data, and open applications for testing purposes. Access to stored data is kept to a minimum and is only carried out if required for troubleshooting. If evidence of serious criminal activity is found, iQ reserves the right to contact the relevant authorities.

Jersey Data Protection Notification ID: 19951
Guernsey Data Protection Notification ID: 12787

Apple Diagnostics and Usage of Personal Details

By signing this form, you (the customer) agree that Apple may collect diagnostic data from your device, including the device serial number and other identifiers, device name, daily count of call attempts and call duration (if applicable), and information about app usage data. The data collected will be used by Apple and its partners to troubleshoot issues with your device and to improve Apple’s products and services.

Personal details (customer name, contact numbers etc.) may be collected by Apple in order to review the services provided by iQ.

For more information on Apple’s Privacy Policy, see

Data Backup

Local backups of device data may be attempted at the customer’s request, or if there is a strong possibility of data loss due to device failure during service. In the event that unexpected data backup is necessary, iQ will contact the customer as soon as possible. Backups will be stored securely for up to 14 days, unless agreed otherwise with the customer.

While we take every possible precaution to prevent unnecessary data loss, iQ accepts no responsibility for customer data. It is strongly recommended that customers retain a backup of important data, as we cannot guarantee its safe retrieval after service.

Handling/Disposal of Removed Data Storage

Replaced storage devices will normally be returned to the customer after service. With written consent, storage devices may be securely erased and destroyed before being disposed of.

Some devices may be exchanged through Apple as a form of repair service (e.g. iOS whole-device replacements). Wherever possible, faulty devices will be securely erased before being returned to Apple for recycling.

Apple Limited Warranty and Authorised Service

iQ is an Apple Authorised Service Provider. We provide official service for Apple devices and use Apple-provided replacement parts and devices, and will provide an Apple repair number (unless parts being fitted are not provided by Apple, e.g. third-party hard drives). Apple service parts and replacements are new or equivalent to new in performance and reliability. iQ is unable to determine whether supplied parts are new or equivalent to new, and we cannot request one or the other from Apple.

All replacement parts and devices carry a 90-day warranty or inherit the original device warranty, whichever is longer. Consumer Law coverage eligibility is unaffected by Apple service parts or replacements and continues to be based on the original date-of-purchase and original proof-of-purchase.

Third-party components (e.g. upgraded storage) are not covered by the Apple Limited Warranty or Consumer Law claims made through Apple. Such components may be covered by their own manufacturer warranties.

Out-of-Warranty Fees

Parts and labour supplied out-of-warranty are chargeable. A minimum of a £35 inspection fee applies for out-of-warranty devices. Should additional fees, parts or replacement devices be required, we will contact you before proceeding.

We require up-front payment before parts and replacement devices can be ordered and/or further work is carried out. Parts and replacement devices cannot be returned or refunded once ordered from Apple.

Accidental damage is not covered by the Apple Limited Warranty.

Unauthorised Modifications

Prior third-party repairs or unauthorised modifications do not necessarily affect service eligibility of your Apple device. Eligibility for official Apple service is determined by an iQ technician during inspection. If the reported symptoms or any found damage are caused by third-party components, repairs or modifications, out-of-warranty service may be necessary and a minimum of the £35 inspection fee will apply.

Device durability may be adversely affected by the presence of third-party parts or unauthorised repairs/modifications. iQ does not take responsibility for damage that may occur during service to such affected devices.

Please notify our staff immediately if your device has been previously repaired or modified.

Unclaimed and Unpaid Items

Unless otherwise agreed, iQ will dispose of devices and other items that are not collected and paid-for within 90 days of the date on this form. If you are unable to collect your items or pay for the agreed service(s) and/or parts within this timeframe, please contact us as soon as possible.

Customer Agreement with iQ

By signing this form, you (the customer) agree to iQ’s terms and conditions detailed on this page.


If you have any questions about the information on this page, please contact us.