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Terms and Conditions

iQ Music & Computer Solutions Ltd

iQ Music and Computer Solutions Ltd (referred to as ‘iQ’) trade in consumer electrical products and computer support services. As an Apple Premium Reseller and Authorised Service Provider, iQ Jersey, iQ Guernsey and iQ Isle of Man can officially sell and service products made by Apple Inc. As a retail outlet iQ sells a range of products in computing, music systems, audio visual production alongside accessories made by a range of manufacturers including but not exclusive to: Apple, Beats, Belkin, Bose, Marshall, Sonos and Speck.

Jersey prices are inclusive of the Bailiwicks’s local Goods and Services Tax (GST) at 5% rate.

All receipts and invoices are printed with the value of the GST paid/to be paid per item. iQ Music and Computer Solutions Ltd are not part of the GST visitor refund scheme.

The island of Jersey forms part of the Crown dependencies. As independent jurisdictions outside of the United Kingdom and the European Union, the islands are not subjected to the same tax regulations or laws. iQ is not responsible for any additional requirements or charges to items sent outside of the Channel Islands. Before visiting the islands, please make sure you are aware of any potential requirements or charges on making a declaration on the goods you are importing upon your arrival at your final destination.

Occasionally, we may offer products and services at reduced, ex-demo or promotional prices. Any such offers will be applied to selected products and be subject to availability. Please speak to a member of staff at your local iQ store for details regarding these purchases.

Prices displayed on our website are representative of those found in our iQ Jersey store. Some pages are manually updated, may experience a delay when prices are adjusted, or may be showing cached data at the time of viewing. The prices displayed in our stores at the time of sale are considered to be correct in the event that there are discrepancies between this website and physically-labelled goods.

We are happy to refund or exchange any unwanted items within 14 days of purchase, as long as they are accompanied by the original receipt, are still sealed in the original packaging and are undamaged. In other words, items must be in the condition they were in at the time of sale. To avoid any potential issues, please see our staff if you need to double-check that you have the correct product before opening it.

Gift cards (or vouchers) are non-refundable. See gift card terms and conditions for more information.

Headphones, when opened, cannot be accepted for refund under any circumstances unless they are found to have a fault.

Sale items are reduced to clear and cannot be returned.

Any item that is confirmed by iQ to have a hardware fault or unacceptable manufacturing flaw within 14 days of purchase (not the date the item is opened) may be eligible for a stock replacement. Any hardware fault found outside of this time period will be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

Some items may need to be booked in for inspection by our technicians in order to confirm a fault or flaw. Should this be necessary, we will endeavour to complete our checks as quickly as possible.

Whilst we take every precaution to ensure that advice, specifications and pricing are correct on digital and printed materials, or by word of mouth, iQ cannot be held responsible for errors and omissions.

iQ Jersey offers a delivery/collection services for items situated within the respective island.

All arranged deliveries and collections will be performed by iQ staff members. Payment for new items must be made before a delivery is due to take place. Payment for the delivery or collection can be made beforehand or on-site through a virtual terminal.

Arranging a delivery or collection is subject to availability. Please contact your local iQ store for the current cost of this service and the availability to schedule an appointment.

Any purchased item(s) to be delivered will be accompanied by a Delivery Note which will need to be signed upon arrival. Before completing the booking for the delivery, iQ will request the name of the person who will be able to sign this document (the customer or a person chosen to sign on their behalf) and that they be present with Photo ID upon arrival to receive the item(s).

From time to time, factors outside of iQ’s control will affect our ability to perform this service. For example, adverse weather conditions or special events (such as Battle of Flowers) may result in road closures and unforeseen diversions. Such circumstances may necessitate cancellation or rearrangement of appointments.

iQ only sells goods and services in British Pound Sterling (GBP).

If the debit or credit card you wish to pay with is in another currency other than British Pound Sterling, your credit card company/bank may charge administration and exchange rate fees. iQ is not responsible nor liable for any additional cost involved.

Accepted Payment Options: AMEX, Apple Pay, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Discover and JCB

Cash (British Pound Sterling only)

Via WorldPay in store and Sage Pay via our website
Debit or Credit Card

Trading name: iQ Music and Computer Solutions LTD.

Registered company number with the JFSC: 93460

Registered to trade in Bailiwick of Jersey, Bailiwick of Guernsey and Isle of Man

Head Office Address:

7-11 Britannia Place, Bath St, St Helier, Jersey, JE4 8NB

iQ Jersey

Sales – Customer contact number: 01534 769320

Contact email address:

Store location: iQ, Liberty Wharf, La Route de la Liberation, St Helier, Jersey JE2 3NY


Customer Privacy and Data Protection

iQ aims to prevent the distribution of customer data (both contact details and stored data) without consent. Information provided to iQ to facilitate a repair or data transfer will never be distributed without permission. It may be necessary for iQ to run diagnostics, access user data, and open applications for testing purposes. Access to stored data is kept to a minimum and is only carried out if required for troubleshooting. If evidence of serious criminal activity is found, iQ reserves the right to contact the relevant authorities.

Jersey Data Protection Notification ID: 19951

Guernsey Data Protection Notification ID: 12787

Isle of Man Information Commissioner ID: R002823

Apple Diagnostics and Usage of Personal Details

When agreeing to a repair/diagnostics, you (the customer) agree that Apple may collect diagnostic data from your device, including the device serial number and other identifiers, device name, daily count of call attempts and call duration (if applicable), and information about app usage data. The data collected will be used by Apple and its partners to troubleshoot issues with your device and to improve Apple’s products and services.

Personal details (customer name, contact numbers etc.) may be collected by Apple in order to review the services provided by iQ.

For more information on Apple’s Privacy Policy, see

Data Backup

While we take every possible precaution to prevent unnecessary data loss, iQ accepts no responsibility for customer data. It is strongly recommended that customers retain a backup of important data, as we cannot guarantee its safe retrieval after service.

Handling/Disposal of Removed Data Storage

Replaced storage devices will normally be returned to the customer after service. With written consent, storage devices may be securely erased and destroyed before being disposed of.

Some devices may be exchanged through Apple as a form of repair service (e.g. iOS whole-device replacements). Wherever possible, faulty devices will be securely erased before being returned to Apple for recycling.

Apple Limited Warranty and Authorised Service

iQ is an Apple Authorised Service Provider. We provide official service for Apple devices and use Apple-provided replacement parts and devices, and will provide an Apple repair number (unless parts being fitted are not provided by Apple, e.g. third-party hard drives). Apple service parts and replacements are new or equivalent to new in performance and reliability. iQ is unable to determine whether supplied parts are new or equivalent to new, and we cannot request one or the other from Apple.

All replacement parts and devices carry a 90-day warranty or inherit the original device warranty, whichever is longer. Consumer Law coverage eligibility is unaffected by Apple service parts or replacements and continues to be based on the original date-of-purchase and original proof-of-purchase.

Third-party components (e.g. upgraded storage) are not covered by the Apple Limited Warranty or Consumer Law claims made through Apple. Such components may be covered by their own manufacturer warranties.

Out-of-Warranty Fees

Parts and labour supplied out-of-warranty are chargeable at a minimum inspection fee of £60 for Mac and £55 for all other devices. Should additional fees, parts or replacement devices be required, we will contact you before proceeding.

We require up-front payment before parts and replacement devices can be ordered and/or further work is carried out. Parts and replacement devices cannot be returned or refunded once ordered from Apple.

Accidental damage is not covered by the Apple Limited Warranty.

Unauthorised Modifications

Prior third-party repairs or unauthorised modifications do not necessarily affect service eligibility of your Apple device. Eligibility for official Apple service is determined by an iQ technician during inspection. If the reported symptoms or any found damage are caused by third-party components, repairs or modifications, out-of-warranty service may be necessary and a minimum inspection fee of £60 for Mac and £55 for all other devices will apply.

Device durability may be adversely affected by the presence of third-party parts or unauthorised repairs/modifications. iQ does not take responsibility for damage that may occur during service to such affected devices.

Please notify our staff immediately if your device has been previously repaired or modified.

Unclaimed and Unpaid Items

Unless otherwise agreed, iQ will dispose of devices and other items that are not collected and paid-for within 60 days of the date on this form. If you are unable to collect your items or pay for the agreed service(s) and/or parts within this timeframe, please contact us as soon as possible.

Appointment and booking procedures

Appointments can be booked via our website, all devices must be backed up accordingly as iQ accept no responsibility for customer data. Appointments booked will be held for no more than 15 minutes, none attendance after the 15 minutes will result in the cancellation of the appointment and you will be required to re-book.

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